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Friday, July 29, 2011

Week Eleven

I submitted a draft report on the Surveillance Policy for the Committee of the Whole to the legislative Coordinator for her comments. The reason for the report is to have the committee review it before it is recommended to council and the Mayor. I also submitted copies of the policy to the acting City Manager and the Director of Community Services for their input.

I handed in the completed policies- Highway 13 development Standard & the Paving policy- on Monday to the Director of Municipal Planning. She requested me to draft a report for the Committee of the Whole for the Paving Policy. I might need to talk to her again on the exact time she wants it done. I had discussions with the General Manager of Engineering about taking on additional tasks. I was assigned six policies to work on and they include the following:

1. Curb and Sidewalk policy
2. Dust Control policy
3. Roadway sign inspection policy
4. Local improvement policy
5. Parking in city historic downtowns
6. Wayfinding/directional signage in cities

Regarding the local Directional Signage policy I will be working with an engineering co-op student at the Engineering Department to develop it. He will do most of the research and I will draft the policy. I already issued him a list of sources he could look at to get the project going.

I did some comprehensive research on the local improvement policy and made some recommendations on areas that could be improved in the future for the existing policy. One area that could be explored is finding creative and alternative ways to finance local improvement project and maximising local improvements to better serve the community as whole instead of the designated locality. An area that may be worth looking at is the Special Business Units.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learnt how to juggle multiple projects
• Continued to understand the municipal process of decision making

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