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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week Fourteen

I started working on the Parking in Historic Downtown Policy. To start off, I examined the Camrose Traffic Bylaw #2481/06 section 3. This section provides regulations for how parking should be conducted in the city as well as the city downtown. In addition, I examined the Land Use By-law #2567/07 pp 74 to 76 as it provides guidelines for communal parking. Next, I gathered that it was the Camrose Police Service that enforced parking regulations in the city. I held a meeting with the deputy police chief to discuss section 3. I came out of the meeting with more questions and they include some of the following:

I. I am curious as to why the need for this policy since there is a governing by-law already in existence. I may need to clarify this with Engineering and Camrose Police.
II. I need to talk to the Camrose Police Enforcement Officer next week to get a better understanding of the enforcement aspects of parking.
III. Also, there is no clarity as to what Engineering wants for this policy. There is the need to talk to Engineering to determine if the Parking Policy just wants to focus on enforcement only or should the policy include parking stalls development.

I worked on my group research prooject examining how important it is to involve all relevant stakeholders in sustainability initiatives.

The follow-up review meeting on the surveillance policy with the City Manager and the General Manager of Community Services went well. We concluded that I call the FOIP office in Edmonton to get some feedback on some surveillance concerns we discussed at the meeting.

Learning Outcomes
• Discuss policy issues with different department staff to get a uniform picture for the need for the policy
• Provide compelling suggestions to Department why there maybe no need for a policy review or draft in cases where a policy works very well.
• Ensure department heads and other associates do not have issue with policy before proceeding to the next level of policy implementation

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